Superb quality and understated style

Embrace the unparalleled blend of superb quality and understated style that our products offer. We believe in timeless elegance, where less is more. Crafted from the finest materials, our shoes offer unmatched durability and comfort. Yet, our designs remain simple, classic, and effortlessly stylish.

For over a quarter of a century, we have been committed to crafting exceptional footwear. Our 25 years in the industry are a testament to our enduring dedication to quality, comfort, and style. Harnessing the knowledge and expertise accumulated over these years, we continue to create shoes that offer the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative design. With each pair we make, we celebrate our rich history and passion for shoemaking.


Made for years not seasons

Crafted for longevity, not merely trends, our shoes stand the test of time. Bypassing fleeting fashion cycles, we focus on enduring style and durability. Made with superior materials and timeless designs, our footwear is built to last, providing comfort and style for years, not just a season. Experience the difference of investing in quality that outlives the temporary whims of fashion with our collection.


Ideal combination of luxury and reliability

Our footwear strikes a delicate balance, offering the lavish feel of premium materials without compromising on robustness. With each step, experience the comfort of luxury, matched by the assurance of steadfast durability. Discover the ideal blend of opulence and trustworthiness with our finely-crafted shoes.

Handcrafted with integrity

Great value shouldn't come at the expense of human dignity. For us, it's equally important to provide an excellent experience to you and to our craftspeople.

Workshop profile:

  • 32 employees. Men: 66%. Women: 34%.
  • 45 hours workweek.
  • Paid time off, maternity and paternity leave.
  • Healthcare and pension plan
  • Locked-in shifts with paid overtime.
  • Long term contract.
  • Water and waste management program.
  • Recurring health and safety audit by an independent organization.
  • Apprenticeships and professional development program.
  • Personal finance, nutrition, and health training program.
  • Emergency advanced paychecks or loans.
  • Flexible hours for parents.
  • Donates leather scraps to a local crafts school.

Why You Shuold Consider Prodigal

100% Original Leather

Quality Control


Expert Craftsmanship