How to Clean Leather Shoes.

за Taymoor Malik на Dec 02, 2023

How to Clean Leather Shoes.

Leather shoes are a timeless and elegant footwear choice. These shoes are best known for their durability, longevity and classic appeal. To keep your leather shoes looking their best, you need to know how to clean leather shoes. It is important to mention that regular cleaning and maintenance of leather shoes is absolutely crucial. So, whether you are dealing with scuffs, stains or just everyday wear and tear, in a few simple steps, you will be able to properly restore and condition and shine of your leather shoes.

The reason your leather shoes might not last as long is because you don’t know how to properly clean them. Once you get the gist of properly cleaning leather shoes, this will improve not only their look but life too. So, let us get into how to clean leather shoes. This way, they will stay in excellent condition for years to come.

Why you need to properly clean leather shoes

Before we dive into the cleaning process, we need to remember why it is essential to properly clean leather shoes. First of all, leather is a natural material and it can easily be damaged if it is not maintained properly. So, if you neglect your leather shoes, it can lead to discoloration, cracks and also shorten the lifespan of the shoe. This is something you do not want, especially if you have paid a handsome sum for your shoes. By cleaning and caring for your leather shoes on a regular basis, you will be able to enjoy your investment and enjoy them for many more years to come.

What tools and supplies you will need

In order to properly clean your leather shoes, you need to gather a few supplies. These include:

  • Soft-bristle brush: The reason you need a brush with soft bristles is because it is ideal for removing loose dirt and dust from the surface of the shoe without damaging the shoe.
  • Leather cleaner: The goal is to pick a leather-specific cleaner that suits your shoe’s type and color. There are many types of leather, including top-grain, suede and full-grain. So, pick one that goes with your shoe. Each of these require different cleaning solution.
  • Water: Once you get a leather cleaner, you need to see whether or not it requires dilution. If your product requires dilution, it is essential that you get some water to dilute it with.
  • Sponges or clean cloth: A soft, lint-free cloth is important for applying the cleaner and for buffing the leather. Similarly, a sponge will work fine for this case as well.
  • Leather conditioner: A leather conditioner of high quality will help to moisturize the leather, preventing it from becoming brittle and cracking. So, you need to invest in a good leather conditioner.
  • Shoe cream or polish: A shoe cream or polish is important, but you need to make sure it is in a shade that matches your shoes and will help to restore the shine and the color.
  • Shoe tree: A shoe tree makes sure that the shape of the shoe is maintained during cleaning and drying.

Once you have all the above-mentioned supplies ready, you need to get started with cleaning your shoes.

Step 1: Prepare the shoes

The first part is to prepare the shoes. You can do this by removing the shoelaces if your shoes have them. This will make your shoes much easier to clean and allow you to easily get into all the corners. After you’re done with that, use the soft-bristle brush to softy remove all of the loose dirt and dust from the shoes. You need to be thorough but also try to be gentle so you do not end up scratching the leather.

Step 2: Use leather cleaner

Here, you need to first be careful that you have properly read the instructions on your product. If your product requires dilution, you need to dilute it with water, and then use it to clean your shoes. Dip a clean cloth or sponge into the leather cleaner, wring out excess liquid. Then, gently wipe the shoes, paying extra attention to areas that are stained or scuffed. The goal is to go in circular motions and do not apply too much pressure on the shoes. This way, you will be able to clean the leather without damaging it.

Step 3: Rinsing

If the leather cleaner requires rinsing, you need to use a separate cloth or sponge and dampen it with water and then rinse the excess product. Afterwards, pat the shoes dry with a clean cloth. Be careful that there is no direct heat source like sunlight or radiators that may cause your leather to crack.

Step 4: Leather conditioner

Once you have rinsed the leather, the goal is to apply leather conditioner. This is important for maintaining softness and flexibility of the leather. Use a clean cloth or applicator sponge to apply a small amount of conditioner evenly to the entire shoe.

Step 5: Shoe cream or polish

Then, for extra shine you can always use a shoe cream or polish. Be sure this matches with the color of the shoe.

Step 6: Finish

Once you are done following all the above-mentioned steps, the only thing left to do is re-lace your shoes if necessary. Before storing them, try using a shoe tree so the shape of your shoe is maintained.


By following these steps, you will be able to maintain the beauty and durability of your leather shoes. It is important to remember that proper care and maintenance will keep your shoes looking great and also extend their lifespan. This makes it a wise investment for your wardrobe. With just a little bit of attention and care, your leather shoes will be worth the investment and also continue being a stylish and reliable footwear for many more years to come, take our word for it.

Leather shoes do tend to be costly, hence, you need to have a proper cleaning routine for them so they are value for the money.